RFC Educational Foundation

The Robinson, Farmer, Cox Educational Foundation was formed in 2000 to provide scholarship or grant funds for students seeking a profession in accounting, law, medicine, and engineering who also have an interest in a career in governmental service, public administration or public service in Virginia. The Foundation is also proud to provide grants to organizations and individuals for the purpose of providing continuing education to the public sector including grants for research and seminars. With the cost of higher education increasing annually, the goal of the Foundation is to provide aid to successful students in pursuit of higher education.

Application Process

Scholarships: Each individual is required to submit an application including general information, a college transcript and response to three essay questions. All applications are presented to the Foundation's Selection Committee for consideration based on academic achievement and articulate responses to the essay portion.

The pool of applicants is evaluated and one to three scholarships will be awarded by the Foundation's President. The Foundation annually budgets a determined amount of scholarship funds to be awarded, which are to be divided among the recipients in a manner designated by the Selection Committee.

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Grants: All grant applicants must be a qualified 501(c)3 organization or similar entity. They must submit a written application stating the purpose, approach, anticipated results and budget for the grant funds. Awards will be made based on the Board’s conclusion whether the grant supports the Foundation’s mission. Grant funds are subject to available monies.

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The deadline for all applications is the 1st of November of each calendar year.